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Your Own Private Outdoor Oasis

June 17, 2020

At McKee Builders, we believe that paradise is leaning back in a cozy chair with a cold drink on a sunny day. That’s why we build our spacious, energy-efficient homes with stylish outdoor living areas that provide the open space you need to spread out, get comfortable, and let the sunshine wash over you.

With summertime on the horizon, your spacious yard is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors! No matter how you love to utilize your space, there are so many ways to maximize and decorate it to your heart’s content. Take a look at a few fun ideas to turn your peaceful, private outdoor area into an oasis:

Outdoor Design Ideas 

Throw Some Shade: Add a little flair (and much-appreciated shade) with a wide, sleek umbrella. If you love to throw dinner parties, choose an umbrella with LED lighting to create a warm, stylish glow during any soiree. 

Ready, Set, Grow: Give pops of color and life to your space with your favorite bright plants or flowers grown in trendy planters. In your container garden, play around with different planter designs and flower arrangements! 

Get Campy: Small, compact, and easy to use, a fire pit adds a nostalgic spark to your outdoor space. Rearrange your furniture around a fire pit for cozy nights under the stars.

Accent Piece: A compact garden accent table adds chicness to your space without overwhelming the other accessories. Whatever color or design floats your boat, your drinks are sure to look cool. 

Let There Be Light: There are few things as comforting as the sight of string lights against a clear night sky. There are so many fun and stylish ways to illuminate your porch or patio into something magical. 

Summer Love Letter: As guests come and go for gatherings outside, encourage them to write a message! Fun for your kids or grandkids and their friends, a blackboard and chalk give your space a sweet touch.

Relaxation Retreat: Want your own private space to meditate or practice yoga? Incorporate calming plants, wireless speakers, candles, a stylish rug, etc., and you finally have the luxurious retreat you deserve.

Sometimes, fresh air and sunshine are exactly what you need. So don’t wait to experience paradise in your own private outdoor oasis! For more information about our beautiful new homes, please contact us at 215-791-6948. We can’t wait to get started!

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