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What is the Right Retirement Community for You?

July 15, 2016

As you are looking at retirement communities in Delaware or elsewhere, and anticipating this next stage of life, you should also be thinking seriously about what that next stage of life means for you.

People choose to move to retirement communities for different reasons, which accounts for the many varieties of 55+ communities in DE and in other states. But all residents will agree that they expect their community to accommodate where their lives are now, and where they hope their lives will go in this next stage of life.

Who Lives in a 55+ Active Community?

While many active retirement communities cater to 55+ adults, that does not mean that all retirement communities are made up of active retirees, or even residents who are fully retired. There is nothing wrong with moving to a retirement community with older retirees, if that is your goal. But if you are looking for younger neighbors and company, you want to be sure to pick the right community.

A good method for investigating the resident profile of a community is to look at its recreational programs. Is there a heavy rotation of fitness classes, marathon clubs, and tennis matches? Or are there more knitting, Mahjong and bridge activities?

Similar Interests are an Avenue for Camaraderie

Understandably, people move to a retirement community with the hope of finding a new circle of friends with similar interests. Unfortunately, friendship does not work that way. People whose only common denominator is age are not likely to strike up strong relationships.

One solution is to look for retirement communities which cater to people with the similar interests and/or backgrounds. For instance, there are such “affinity communities” for artists, as well as for past professionals.

The Search for Companionship

For people who find themselves without a spouse or partner and are worried about finding their way alone, retirement communities may look appealing. It is a scary prospect to rebuild a life after decades of partnership. Retirement communities may seem like a good solution, since they are populated by people of the same age.

But the same age does not mean the same stage of life. If your goal is to find a new partner with whom to share your life, you should begin by pursuing your passions and interests, staying active and fit, and exploring new life avenues.

That is not to say that a retirement community is the wrong move. Moving to a retirement community can simplify your life in many important ways, so that you are better able to pursue a new and full life.

An Active Life is a Better Life

There is a lot of evidence to show that active retirees are healthier and happier. When exploring retirement communities, you want to look for places that are likely to keep you active. That means exploring what is nearby, like colleges and university for classes, cultural institutions, and sporting and recreational activities.

Delaware is a great choice for active retirees, as it is close to not only many such opportunities in this state, but also to similar opportunities in nearby Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC.

In other words, choosing a retirement community as a strategy to help you get the most out of life is likely to be a winning approach to satisfaction and fulfillment.


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