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Vital truths About Active Retirement Communities

August 15, 2016

There are a lot of misconceptions about active retirement communities, which may be fueled by terminology, like retirement. Retirement connotes not only stopping work, but also a life slowdown.

Active retirement communities are not designed for people who want their lives to slow down. In fact, many active retirement communities in Delaware and elsewhere are designed to help you speed up your life—but with activities that inspire your deep passions and stimulate your physical and mental faculties in this next stage of life.

The purpose of 55+ communities is to ensure you get the most of life. If you are nearing that age and/or are considering a move to an active retirement community, make sure you understand the exciting truths about these communities and how much they can offer you.

No Need to be 55

While you may believe that you need to be 55 to move into a 55+ community, that is not the case. Each member of a couple does not need to be 55 or older—just one of you. For couples with a dependent adult child who has special needs, a special age exemption might also be made (although you will have to provide evidence of the adult child’s disability).

Active Retirement Does Not Mean Old

It is easy to assume that everyone in a “retirement community” is old. But that is untrue in two important ways.

First, active retirement communities attract residents from a range of ages, from under 55 and up. So there tends to be a broad distribution of ages, including many younger retirees, as well as those who have made their homes in these communities for longer periods.

Second, age today is a relative condition. There are many people in their 60s and 70s who are incredible youthful—more so than many people in their 50s. If you choose an active retirement community because you want to live actively, you are far more likely to encounter people like yourself.

Active Means Active!

If you have the impression that an active retirement community is just code for “inactive,” you couldn’t be more wrong. People in these communities are there to be active, and the activities provided are designed to keep them physically vigorous. So you are likely to find water aerobics, fitness classes, circuit training, yoga, golf, tennis, running clubs, and many other strenuous activities.

Career and Life Friendly

If you are concerned about moving into an active retirement community while you are still working, don’t be. A lot of residents of active retirement communities work full or part-time, and at a wide variety of jobs.

Even if you are working, you still want to get the most out of life. That means you may be eager to start cutting back on your homeownership responsibilities, so you can engage in more enjoyable and satisfying activities. That is another great reason to move into an active retirement community sooner rather than later—and let the association take care of the responsibilities that you would rather give up.


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