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Veterans Day Memorial Event at Champions’ Club

November 19, 2020

At McKee Builders, we’re proud to honor and recognize the brave men and women who served our country in the military. This past Veterans Day, we unveiled the Frank A. McKee Veterans Memorial Park at Champions’ Club in Delaware, something that we hope to be a beacon of remembrance in our community moving forward. 

When Vice President Frank J. McKee Jr. — whose grandfather fought in World War II — discovered that his great-great-grandfather was a soldier in the Union army, he wasn’t surprised, as leadership and service has been passed down through generations and remains a core part of the McKee family’s values that drive the business today.

“I am touched that residents came up with the idea for this memorial and executed so well on it,” Frank said at the event. “Our communities go beyond the mere transactional experience and allow us to have personal connections. Some of my best memories here at Champions’ Club have been interacting with the residents at various events and side projects like this.”

Patricia, a resident of Champions’ Club, spoke about the overlooked role that women have played in the military, taking a moment to honor women who bravely served, including those from Delaware. “Unfortunately, many people forget that nearly 3 million American women have served in the military,” Patricia said. “Sometimes, when women do things like park in a veteran’s parking space, they get yelled and told they shouldn’t park there. Delaware and a number of other states now have women’s military service license plates to remind people that women served too.”

This special event, where representatives from Kent County and the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs, as well as the Color Guard from St. Thomas More Academy were in attendance, was an incredible opportunity to celebrate our veterans, especially those who served and now live at Champions’ Club.

Over the years, McKee has been proud to support military charities like The Navy Seal Foundation, Homes for Our Troops, Project Healing Waters, Tails of Valor – Paws of Honor, and American Warrior Initiative, and we look forward to continuing to honor veterans through our very own memorial right here at Champions’ Club.

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