What Savings do Retirement Communities Offer for Residents?
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Unexpected Savings from Retirement Communities

June 15, 2017

As you look towards retirement, it is important to evaluate both the ‘where’ and ‘how’ in this next stage of life. The ‘where’ often appears like the most obvious question to evaluate, given the number of factors (climate, landscape, proximity to family and amenities, and so on). But the ‘how’ requires equally vital attention as well.

The ‘how’ means, how do you want to live your life in retirement? That includes both what you want to be doing—and what you do not want to be doing. For instance, do you want to worry about house and yard maintenance? Keep track of bills and memberships? How far do you want to travel to the activities which you expect to anchor your retirement?

An important reason why retirement communities in Delaware and elsewhere are so appealing is they offer easy solutions to the tedious ‘how’ questions, while offering compelling answers to the more meaningful ‘how’ questions.

While many Americans intend to live in their current homes for the rest of their lives, it is worth exploring the ‘how to live better’ opportunities of 55+ retirement communities in Delaware and other destinations.

1. Easier Home Management

Although most of us hope to retire mortgage-free, the majority of American homeowners are still paying off their mortgages between the ages of 50-64. Not only is that a significant monthly expense, but it also means that homeowners are still responsible for all the associated costs of homeownership, including maintenance and repairs.

Homeownership in a retirement community takes care of all those unwanted expenses, so there is no need for residents to manage them. They include:

·Home maintenance, including renovations to improve comfort and safety

·Utilities and other regular expenses

·House cleaning and yard work

Of course, if residents want to take care of some of these responsibilities, they have that option. But they are also welcome to change their preference, if they feel they can no longer perform the work.

2. Easier Budget Planning

Unlike homeownership, where monthly expenses can vary significantly and cause undue worry for retirees on fixed incomes, the cost of living in a retirement community will generally remain consistent, thus enabling residents to enjoy more worry-free lives.

3. Easier Access to Amenities and Social Life

One of the biggest attractions of retirement communities is that they facilitate access to the activities that you love, both physical and social. Retirement communities often offer facilities for such activities as golf, tennis, swimming, and others, requiring no transportation or additional fees. Everything is where you are, ensuring that you can do what you want, when you want.

Another great advantage of retirement communities is the social life. Continuing an active social life is vital, and early retirement communities offer numerous opportunities to develop new and ongoing social connections and friendships.

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