Best Restaurants Near Bethany Beach, DE
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Top Restaurants Near Friendship Creek Bethany Beach

September 27, 2021

One of our favorite parts of building homes in new towns is exploring the local businesses and restaurants in the area. 

As our new community, Friendship Creek in Frankford, just outside Bethany Beach, Delaware, takes shape, we can’t wait for our homeowners to be able to take advantage of all that the coast has to offer. And if you buy now, you’ll be in your new home by Summer 2022! Allow us to give you a head start on some of the hot dining spots nearby! 

Good Earth Market | Ocean View

Everything tastes better al fresco! Specializing in healthy, organic living, this unique restaurant/market serves “clean” gourmet food accompanied by an abundance of outdoor space, with a beautiful garden and covered patio. (There’s even a farm, too!) Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are available. 

Sea Level 99 | Bethany Beach

Located in the Marriott Bethany Beach Ocean Suites, this restaurant and raw bar offers the quintessential oceanfront dining experience. Offering succulent seafood and other creative contemporary dishes, the menu is sourced from local fisheries, farms, and orchards, bringing excellence and innovation together. 

Our Harvest | Fenwick Island

This welcoming and thoughtful restaurant pays homage to the daily harvest, serving products uniquely sourced and carefully selected each day. The food is uncomplicated, preserving and enhancing the natural flavors, and served in a warm and inviting atmosphere featuring large farm tables, leather bar stools and seating areas with leather couches.

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