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The Truth About Aging and Retirement

February 5, 2017

It is easy to fall into the cultural trap that aging is synonymous with decline, and that, with age, you become less productive and less able to contribute to society.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. As you age, you should make every effort to see and embrace the opposite conclusion.

Late adulthood is a great time of life, when you have acquired both enough experience and confidence to make fantastic contributions, professionally and in other areas of life.

Today, with so much complexity and knowledge needed to master different specialties and occupational fields, it makes eminent sense that older people with decades of experience under their belts are in the best position to make substantial contributions.

Aging and Retirement

The larger purpose here is to show you how wonderful life is beyond 55, and how much better life gets as you age. Early Delaware retirement communities can certainly help you take greatest advantage of life, as many of your former responsibilities, personal and professional, may begin to tail off.

But to move into one of Delaware’s over 55 communities, you do not have to be retired. Nor should you think that you have to make the full transition to retirement once you move into an early retirement community. As we know, there has been a strong uptick in employment for men and women 55 and older, and even 65 and older. More and more, older people are job creators—despite the impression that older workers are blocking the professional paths of younger workers.

Moreover, it has also been shown that older workers are often more engaged and more productive, and that, given their rich experience, they are better equipped to handle problems and crises.

What’s the Message? Be Productive!

No matter how you choose to live the years after 55, you have the power to make wonderful contributions to your workplace and society. Be confident that you can and should make those contributions.

In addition to working and taking care of family, an important way to make a difference in our society and in the lives of others is to consider mentoring younger people. You have all this fantastic experience to share, which can guide students and workers who are decades younger and who have yet to enjoy much life experience. You have the power to help them make the right decisions, which they might not otherwise know how to make.

Joining a 55 and over community may be an effective strategy to help you give the most of your life to others. By not having to concern yourself with the daily responsibilities of homeownership, you have a great opportunity to focus sharing your experiences with others.


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