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The Best Restaurants in Middletown, DE

July 29, 2019

When you live in peaceful and private Whispering Woods, a short ride into town takes you to everything you love about dining out. From cocktail hour with friends to birthday celebrations with your grandchildren, the unique restaurants you’ll find in charming Middletown always fit the bill

Of course, no day trip or night out is complete without a little indulgence. After you’ve played a round of golf or gone shopping, there’s no better time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience of being wined and dined in a town you love to call home! Here are a few of our favorite spots for a summer treat:

Cantwell’s Tavern

Warm, inviting, and just like home, Cantwell’s Tavern on Main Street in Odessa hosts live music on the patio every Saturday night in the summer. In addition to a cozy, casual ambiance and friendliness, you’ll enjoy fare like delicious seafood, brick-oven flatbreads and pizzas, and the classic comfort food you love.


With summer staples like watermelon salad, Mexican street corn, scallops, and more, it’s not easy to pick just one thing from 1861’s menu… So why not get it all? Bring your family and friends along for a fun meal at this laidback, friendly pub with absolutely irresistible dishes and drink specials.

Prime 225

Just 20 minutes from Middletown, Prime 225 in Chesapeake City, MD is waiting with open arms to invite you in for a fancy meal. Want to treat yourself to your favorite cut of steak? How about fresh, delicious lobster or yellowfin tuna? Drape your napkin across your lap and get ready to send your tastebuds to heaven!

Bayard House

There’s truly nothing as relaxing as dining on the water… In Chesapeake City, Bayard House sits on the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, offering the greatest views while you enjoy Maryland’s specialties, from oysters to crab cakes. Bayard House also hosts Taco Tuesday every week along with live music!

Schaefer’s Canal House

From the beautiful veranda outside, you’ll take in the calmness of the C&D Canal as you enjoy time spent with your family and friends over delicious seafood. Schaefer’s also has a spacious, private banquet room that you can reserve for any kind of gathering, from a birthday party to an anniversary!


If you’re looking for your new home and want to settle down in a town with incredible food options, Whispering Woods in Middletown is perfect for you! Contact us at 215-486-1641 to start your next chapter! All of us at McKee Builders say bon appetit and enjoy the incredible restaurants that await around Middletown!


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