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Hear What People Have to Say About McKee Builders

“We moved our lives, not just our belongings,

“This was our standard to live up to and that’s why we ended up here.”

“One of the things about buying in a community that’s part of a family business is that there seems to be a McKee at almost every level.”

“When we walked into the model here, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for.”

"There’s nothing I would change in the house, it’s just perfect.”

“One of the reasons we came to Delaware was because it was so much more tax friendly."

“When we got here and saw just how big these houses were for the price, we thought it would be a great opportunity.”

“I looked for three years and every place I went to did not have everything this place had.”

"McKee Builders did everything for us.”

“As soon as we came here it was like home.”

“Being retired military, we’re 5 miles south of Dover air force base so we get to use their facilities.”

“I have a plot in the community garden. I love planting my vegetables.”

“The lifestyle is so great because there are so many things to do. Just pick and choose what you want.”

"We love it here!"

"McKee has been very flexible in making changes...they have been very accommodating."

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We know that we build top-quality homes… we have the awards to prove it. But it's making our buyers happy that really drives us to do what we do. We love hearing from them, and are delighted to share their thoughts on how we did.


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