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Styling Your Master Suite

September 14, 2018

Just like a sunrise and a delicious cup of coffee, there’s something about waking up in a luxurious and comfortable bedroom that starts your day off right. At McKee Builders, we craft every master suite with contemporary design and timeless comfort to ensure that every morning feels just like a dream…

As your personal oasis, your master suite is where you’ll go to relax, recharge, and feel right at home. When it comes to styling, there are many ways to make your bedroom as you as possible. Check out a few of our favorite little ways to add a personal touch to a McKee master suite.

Neutral Zone

master bedroom McKee Builders

If you’re a sucker for statement art, whether a gorgeous painting or a unique sculpture, you can make your favorite piece stand out with a neutral room design. Go for neutral-colored walls and bedding (think beige and cream), and keep accessories to a minimum. This way, your treasured art becomes the centerpiece.

Picture Perfect

master bedroom McKee Builders

What better way to keep your family and best memories with you at all times? Framed photographs make for beautiful wall art as well as bedside table or dresser accessories. Try a B&W theme, or choose colorful, textured frames to add pops of design.

Get Nautical

master bedroom McKee Builders

Nothing spreads charm and cheer quite like nautical decor. Particularly for homes in The Grove and Bay Bridge Cove, nautical bedding or accessory stripes make your days even brighter and add to the warmth of the rest of your home. Classic, beautiful colors like navy, white, and red always make the right statement.

Perpetual Prints

master bedroom McKee Builders

A great print adds a unique personality to any room — whether sophisticated, timeless toile, eye-catching checks, or vibrant ikat. When it comes to your wallpaper, bedding, or a rug, go for prints that reflect your personality. Whether loud prints with bold colors make you feel happiest, or light colors and simple designs give you a sense of calm, the choice is all up to you.

Lounge in Luxury

master bedroom McKee Builders

Your McKee Builders bedroom is all about leisure. The best part is that you have enough room for extra furniture that allows you to lounge! Create a mini office area with a desk to do your work, or a comfortable nook with a recliner or lounge chair for reading and watching TV. Don’t forget a trendy scone, desk, or floor lamp for a nice ambiance when the overhead light is out!

Monochromatic Magic

master bedroom McKee Builders

Who says one is the loneliest number? One color throughout your bedroom really makes its mark. Whether you go for an elegant all-white look or peaceful and serene blues, the monochromatic vibe is anything but boring.

The room where you begin and end your days, your master suite should be a place of complete comfort. With our expert design and care, and your perfectly unique personal touch, this room will become your favorite place to be. Happy decorating!

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