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Spotlight: Magnolia, DE

February 6, 2020

Small-town atmosphere. Capital-city amenities. Close to everything you need. “Easy living” takes on a whole new meaning in beautiful Magnolia! Along with the low real estate taxes, this Delaware treasure reflects everything you’re looking forward to in retirement — from the amenities you want, to the peacefulness you love.


Just outside of our beautiful Champions’ Club community, Magnolia is waiting to welcome you with open arms! Do you love to try new restaurants in the winter, relax on the golf course in the spring, or stroll along the beach in the summer? Take a look at a few of the many reasons that Magnolia is the best place to live: 


It’s gorgeous. From tree-lined streets to scenic greenery, Magnolia is easy on the eyes. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely hike or even just a meal in town, you have the prettiest background wherever you go.


It’s versatile. Day trip to Philly, DC, or New York? Day trip to the beach? No matter the season, you’re in the perfect location to get wherever you want to go in no time. There’s so much all around that’s so close you can go just for the day!


It’s proud. People that live in Magnolia love to be here. They’re proud of their town, they’re proud of their neighbors, and they’re proud of the opportunities they have. The hometown love is felt wherever you are!


It’s exciting. There’s no such thing as boredom in… golf, beaches, family-friendly activities, community events, dining, shopping, and parks and trails — the list of things to do is endless. 


It’s romantic. Date night takes on a whole new meaning in this intimate and charming town. How about a candlelight dinner, a new movie, or a romantic stroll outside? Fall in love all over again… and again.


It’s home. You know that pang in your heart when you’re away from home? Magnolia is the place that makes you feel whole again when you arrive. There’s something truly special about this place. Come feel the magic.


From all of us at McKee Builders, we can’t wait for you to see why Magnolia is the best place to live! For more information about our new homes and communities in Champions’ Club, please call 215-874-8513.


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