Remy’s Picks: REMY! And the other Goldens at McKee Builders!
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Remy’s Picks

Remy’s Picks: REMY! And the other Goldens!

April 23, 2019

Every dog has his day, and today is all about ours! Homeowners from all over have learned so much about the heart and soul of McKee Builders simply by visiting our office. Just open the door and you’ll be greeted by none other than Judson, Trippe, Remy, or Piper — our friendly, loyal, and absolutely loving golden retrievers .

We call them our “corporate morale officers,” and of course, Remy loves being a part of the golden gang (our paw-tners in home ever since day one). Every day, these little guys embody who we are as a family and why we do what we do. Above all else, their loyalty reminds us how important it is to be true to our business partners, our subcontractors, our suppliers, our customers, and of course, each other. 

This is exactly what a dog is: a best friend in every sense. So much more than pets, our beloved dogs inspire us to create homes that are truly special. After all, how incredibly lucky are we to come into work and be surrounded by friendliness from the very beginning of the day? If we can be as sweet and caring as our dogs, we know we’re on the right track! Our dogs inspire us so much so that we have created dog-friendly spaces in our home designs, adding dog showers, built-in dog bowl stations, and cozy dog nooks!

As you may have read in the previous Remy’s Picks, Remy has been just about everywhere! You can spot him in one unexpected location though, along Route 113 and Route 1! Look for his smiling face along your drive and then head on over to one of our communities and you might be lucky enough to meet Remy in person!

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