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Fly, Eagles, Fly!

January 31, 2018

Remy’s always had a keen eye for the paws-down best picks, and it looks like his football team is no exception! He’s been barking about the Philadelphia Eagles all season long!

Perhaps it’s due to his favorite past time of unsuccessfully chasing birds throughout the backyard, or it could simply be the fact that the great city of Philly is so close by, but Remy has always said “winning is for the birds!”

Remy’s older, wiser cousin, Trippe, has warned him it’s been a rough couple of years as an Eagles’ fan, but everyone knows there’s nothing more unwavering than a dog’s loyalty. He’s spent some frustrating seasons growling and barking at the TV, but Remy reassured him that in the end, there’s nothing better than an underdog story!

Next stop: the Super Bowl!

Luckily for Remy and his cousins, Judson, Piper and Trippe, they were able to avoid the mall crowds and forgo Underdog masks this postseason, and no one even noticed!

The squad is all together in anticipation of the big game, breaking out jerseys of their past and current favs- Sproles, Wentz, Dawkins, and McNabb! They look good in their green, but it’s the Patriots who are going to be green with envy as the Eagles shutdown their chances of a repeat on Sunday. We’d take a retriever over a GOAT any day!

Remy’s used to that Super-Bowl-bound feeling when it comes to scoring big with his quality McKee homes, but now he’s ready for the real deal. Hopefully, we’ll see you at the parade!


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