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Remy’s Picks

Remy’s Pick: Kitchen Design Trends

August 25, 2020

The scent of morning coffee, the sight of a summer meal, a bottle of wine being uncorked… there’s no place as warm and welcoming as the heart of your home. (And Remy agrees!) With a large island, pristine appliances, beautiful cabinetry, and open, inviting space for all your lively dinner parties and cozy brunches alike, your kitchen is the happiest place to be.


From top to bottom, high-end features change the way you enjoy the experience of cooking, eating, and enjoying time spent with family and friends. Here’s how one of our McKee kitchens gives you more of everything you love, along with a few of our favorite design trends that will inspire you to turn your kitchen into your all-time dream space:


Our New Home Kitchen Features


More Space: Whether you’re enjoying an early homemade breakfast, celebrating a holiday, or throwing a buffet-style luncheon with your friends, you have all the space you need to spread out and savor the moment.


Large Island: An extra large island adds extra large character to your kitchen, and provides something that’s just as chic and stylish as it is functional. With room for seating, everyone can sit and relax comfortably.


Elegant Cabinetry: Aesthetically pleasing and highly useful, the cabinetry in your kitchen provides the ample storage you need and the sleek, modern style you love. 


Beautiful Lighting: Whether you’re checking out a new cookbook or plating dinner, you need optimal lighting to guide the way. Our beautiful lighting adds that warm glow you love in the most special room of your home.


New Appliances and Flooring: With sleek flooring and brand new, contemporary appliances that work perfectly, you’ll enjoy cooking and relaxing in your kitchen more than ever before.


Your Personalized Kitchen Design Trends


Soft Colors: There’s nothing like soft-colored cabinets to give your entire kitchen a warm, welcoming vibe. Classic white or cream, as well as honey- or ash-toned cabinets, always look fresh and elegant. 


Unique Island: An Island that’s a different color stain than the rest of the kitchen truly makes it stand apart and adds to its appeal. Try gray, navy, or medium-gray stain.


Fun Tile Patterns: Nothing catches the eye like a bold pattern. Geo, hex, linear, penny, and cement tiles with repeated patterns are currently making a splash. See what you’re drawn to the most! 


Hints of Gold: Tossing in a bit of gold with a neutral like black goes a long way in the kitchen. You can try this sleek look with lighting, cabinet hardware, and plumbing.

So much time is spent in the kitchen… why not turn it into a focal point? If you’re eager to design (and enjoy) a brand new kitchen of your own, all of us at McKee Builders can’t wait to get started! Contact us at 215-791-6948 to learn more about building a beautiful new home in Delaware, Maryland, or Pennsylvania.

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