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Remy’s Picks

Remy’s Pick: Fall in Love With Our Sunrooms and Screened Porches

February 17, 2020

Sit back, relax, and enjoy all the things you love — from coffee in the morning to a good book in the afternoon — from the comfort of a beautiful sunroom or screened porch. Perfect for all seasons, one of these additions to your peaceful and private McKee Builders home lets you soak up the sunshine whenever you please! 


We were going to ask Remy for his comment (since this is his blog), but he’s currently taking a nap in one of these spaces right now… and we don’t blame him! Once you see our lovely sunrooms and screened porches in person, you’ll understand just how much they add to one of our modern homes.


Want a cozy space for your family and friends to relax while you get the holiday meal ready? How about a quiet place to retreat when you want time to unwind? Connected to your abundant dining and great room, this extra space creates even more opportunities for you to enjoy your new carefree, laid-back lifestyle.


With Valentine’s Day getting closer, we’re feeling the love for our sunrooms and screened porches more than ever. And so is Remy… he almost doesn’t want to leave one of these spaces when we offer him a treat! Come experience the magic in person, and see why a sunroom or screened porch is your home’s greatest addition.


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