10 Furniture Styles That Will Complement any Home
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A brand new 55+ community in a prestigious Chester Springs location. Featuring luxury homes and McKee quality within one mile of Marsh Creek.

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Remy’s Picks

Remy’s Pick: 10 Furniture Styles that Work in Any Home

March 15, 2021

There’s something about classic furniture that’s just so effortless and stylish. No matter what style of home you own, these pieces seem to fit right in, enhance your decor, and elevate the mood of the entire room. Not to mention, most of them are pretty comfy napping spots for pups.


Chances are, you may have one (or a few!) of these pieces already. That’s GREAT news, because when you right-size into your new McKee Builders home in Delaware, Maryland or Pennsylvania, there’s no second guessing which furniture to bring. Here are 10 Remy-approved furniture pieces will never go out of style:


Wingback Chair


The wing chair, or fireside chair as it is sometimes called, was originally designed to keep your back and sides toasty and protected from cold winter drafts as you relaxed by the fire. Today, this classic chair has been reimagined in countless ways to suit the taste of any serious sitter. Only three features remain constant: the high back, winged sides, and sturdy armrests. Remy also loves its cushioned warmth!


Tulip Table


The elegant and whimsical tulip table has made a major comeback in recent years (or maybe it never really went away). Perfectly round in every aspect, this delightful table comes in a variety of diameters, materials and base finishes that make it one of the most versatile pieces you can own. Use a large tulip table in the dining room, and a smaller version in your home office or hobby room. The best part? No table legs to stub your toe on. (Though Remy does miss having a wooden table leg to chew on.)


Oriental Rug


Originally hand-knotted only in the countries of Iran, China, India, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal, a version of these beauties can now be found easily at your favorite furniture retailer. If you are fortunate enough to own a hand woven, wool carpet crafted with fabulous colors and patterns, hold on to it forever! You’d be surprised how such an heirloom can instantly give a new living space that comfortable, cozy feeling the whole family loves. Remy says: invest in a good vacuum cleaner because there’s nothing like rolling around on a plush rug!


Tufted Headboard


Upholstered, or tufted, headboards became popular in the 1600s as the bedroom became a more private space (can you believe bedrooms were used as social gathering rooms by the early Greeks and Romans?). Comfort was key, and luxe materials found their way into headboard design. Today, the tufted headboard remains a symbol of elegance and luxury.


Louis XVI Chair


Of all the Louis chairs (there are three styles), the XVI is characterized by clean and classic lines. With a slim silhouette and unobtrusive style, it works equally well as a dining or accent chair. Have just one Louis XVI or perhaps a set? Have them reupholstered and give them a place of royal prominence in the entry hall or living room.


Canopy Bed


In keeping with our royal theme, the canopy bed also has its origins in cold, drafty castles. The heavy drapes that once hung from the frame did, indeed, keep the occupant warm and cloaked in privacy. Today’s canopy materials are decidedly lighter, if they exist at all. Often, the beautifully designed wood or metal frame itself is the star of the show.


Leather Club Chair


Book? Check. Blanket? Check. Bourbon? Why not? Put your feet up and enjoy the good life in the most comfortable of chairs – the leather armchair. Most homes have a special corner reserved for this revered chair and its occupant (dog or human). These chairs last so long are so sink-worthy they often take the shape of the body that’s in it the most. A chair worth creating memories in – like stories with the grandkids, reading your favorite book, or having the most restful nap of your life – it is sure to look right at home in… well… any home.


Shaker Furniture


Simple, practical, sturdy, and easy to love, shaker furniture never goes out of style. This furniture originated in New England in the 1700s, and its popularity seems to increase with every decade. Today it is crafted in a variety of woods, though maple gives the purest shaker look.Though it is built for cottage simplicity, the clean, minimalist lines of this furniture fit perfectly with today’s modern, elegant homes.


Chaise Lounge


Fancy enough for a queen to recline but comfortable enough for you to read for hours, the chaise lounge offers the perfect compromise between an armchair and a bed. Whether yours is an ornate heirloom or a sleek modern marvel, a perfect spot awaits it in your new home.


Built-In Furniture


Though this is not a piece you can bring from your previous home, built-in furniture will forever have a place in the organized homeowner’s heart. Whether you use it for books, collectible art, or precious photos of your family, the beauty of built-ins is that they are always ready to be used. No delivery, heavy lifting, or scuffed floors required. (Though Remy can’t guarantee unscuffed floors when he needs to get the wiggles out.)

Interested in how your timeless furniture can fit perfectly in a McKee Builders new home? Take a look at our quick delivery homes or floor plans, then give us a call at 610-549-4208 to schedule your virtual or personal tour today.

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