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Rejuvenating Activities for All Ages

December 22, 2016

Whether you’re working or retired, it is easy to become sedentary. You may be sitting at your desk, or in a comfortable chair at home. Regardless, it is absolutely essential for personal health that individuals incorporate regular physical activity into their lives and routines.

There are many studies which show that at least one hour of exercise at least twice-a-week (more is better) will have positive enduring effects on physical health and longevity. A regular exercise regimen can lower risk for diabetes, injuries,heart disease and provide you with an overall better retirement. There is another correlation in terms of positive, long-term outcomes: you are more likely to enjoy your longevity longer if you are physically healthy.

Over 55 retirement communities in Delaware and elsewhere can make a big difference in helping people incorporate exercise into their lives. While for some people it may be hard to start exercising, for almost everyone it is much easier if they are exercising with others or they are in a community where exercise is a regular part of life.

Here are some low-impact, physical activities which 55 and over communities in Delaware and elsewhere make easy and accessible.


While walking may not seem like exercise, it is a good start for getting active. All that is required is to exit through the front door and get going. Make sure to take time to stretch and start slowly if the activity is new. Gradually, pick up the pace to a more strenuous rate. Also, be sure to wear proper-fitting sneakers.

Since active retirement communities tend to be pedestrian-friendly, it is very easy to develop this routine and to find walking partners.

Pool Activities: Swimming or Aerobics

Swimming is a great activity. It offers wonderful benefits for arms, legs, and lungs. Water is also great for reducing stress on your back and other muscles because it actively resists and holds the human body, and requires more strength to move.

Most active retirement communities offer pools, making it easy to incorporate swimming into an exercise regimen. Similarly, water aerobics also offers terrific physical benefits.


A great game, golfing combines walking, upper body and arm movement, and great skill. For additional exercise, a golfer can carry his golf bag, though any such carrying should only be done over both shoulders.

Remember that improving your golf game requires a combination of practice on the green or driving range, and exercise routines which support flexibility in hips, torso and shoulders, and which build strength in your arms. Such routines will help you stabilize your golf form and develop a more fluid swing.

Strengthening your core muscles is especially important for improving your swing, since your physical center provides the power for your swing, particularly longer shots. The core also holds the body in the proper position, which reduces fatigue and injury risk.

Many active retirement communities offer their own or access to nearby golf courses. Delaware has a rich collection of golf courses, which is just one of the many reasons that it is such a popular retirement destination.



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