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Our Advanced HVAC Systems are Very Cool

June 29, 2021

At McKee Builders, when we say our homes are well-built, we mean it. Our impeccable quality is found inside and out, right down to the features of our advanced HVAC systems. What makes our HVAC systems so special? A variety of features, including: 

A Zone Damper System

HVAC zoning divides your home into zones. Each zone is controlled by its own thermostat, in order to allow tighter control of heating and cooling. HVAC zoning allows you to set the temperature in each zone to your desired comfort level. It also allows you to leave unoccupied areas without heating or cooling. HVAC zoning helps keep your home comfortable, while saving you money. We install this system on every second floor we build. (It may be standard or optional. And the manufacturer varies by community.) 

Hard Ducted Returns

In building, it is common practice to use cavity spaces as return-air pathways. But building cavities used as return-air plenums are one of the leading causes of duct leakage in homes. So we hard duct the returns, as opposed to simply closing off the wall cavity. The leakage is eliminated and overall system performance is improved. Your HVAC system works efficiently, the way it’s designed to. 

Well-Sealed Ducts

According to ENERGY STAR®, up to 30% of the air that moves through the duct system in a typical house is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts. But in McKee homes, we cover the joints in our ductwork with mastic, a paste that hardens and seals every seam or gap. Which means your cooled or heated air stays where it’s supposed to: INSIDE! 

When you choose McKee Builders, you can be assured the quality behind the walls matches the quality on the outside! From the materials we choose to the unique designs we offer, our homes provide style, integrity, and value that makes your life better. For more information about McKee quality, contact us today!

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