McKee’s New Homes Are ENERGY STAR 3.0 Certified
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McKee’s Homes Are ENERGY STAR 3.0 Certified!

November 17, 2017

Many builders have implemented energy efficient features in their homes. Consequently, homes today are much more energy efficient than in years past.

At McKee Builders, we admit that we’re a little obsessed with saving energy and money. While other builders may boast about their energy-efficient features, few of them are actually ENERGY STAR 3.0 certified like we are.

What is ENERGY STAR 3.0? In 2010, the EPA released guidelines that incorporated a host of cost-effective energy efficient technologies and building science practices that improve the efficiency, durability, and indoor air quality of ENERGY STAR certified homes. Homes built to ENERGY STAR Version 3 guidelines are at least 20% more energy efficient than homes built to the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

McKee homes achieve this level of performance through a combination of energy-efficient enhancements, including:

  • Optimized insulation systems
  • High-performance windows
  • Tightly sealed construction with proper ventilation
  • Leak-proof ductwork
  • Advanced heating and cooling equipment
  • ENERGY STAR certified lighting and appliances

Earning ENERGY STAR 3.0 certification means more than high-efficiency dishwashers and compact fluorescent light bulbs. To ensure that every home meets the EPA’s stringent ENERGY STAR standards, third-party verification by a certified Home Energy Rater is required.The Rater works closely with McKee Builders throughout the entire construction process to help determine requisite energy-saving equipment and construction techniques, while conducting on–site diagnostic testing and inspections to document that the home is eligible to earn ENERGY STAR certification.

While all of this is great, what most people really want to know is this: What does owning an ENERGY STAR 3.0 home mean?

  • Annual savings of up to 30% on utility bills
  • Whole-house energy efficient technologies that are independently tested and verified
  • Wall-to-wall comfort with consistent temperatures across every room
  • Peace of mind knowing your home is built to the EPA’s stringent guidelines and McKee quality

To learn more about the money-saving benefits of combining McKee quality with ENERGY STAR certified construction, contact us at

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