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Keeping Active in Retirement

November 30, 2016

Early retirement communities are great places to stay active, which is absolutely essential for your long-term health, both before and after retirement. If you are wondering why you should consider a move to one of Delaware’s 55 and older communities , a great reason is to ensure your health for the best decades of your life.

You Don’t Need to Golf or Play Tennis

That is one of the common reasons we hear that people may be reluctant to move into 55 plus communities, in Delaware or elsewhere in the country. Their impression is that golf and tennis are all that the residents of these communities do, and by extension, all that they talk about.

First off, that is not true. Perhaps more importantly, early retirement communities are not set up so people can play golf and tennis. They are organized so that people can get the most out of their retirement—and that means leading an active life, which is the life that will enable you to appreciate and enjoy life longer.

Early retirement communities offer all kinds of amenities, designed to support an active life, such as walking trails, fitness centers, exercise classes, pools, bocce courts, and billiards, as well as tennis and golf (if not on the grounds, then nearby). Another great advantage of such communities is that they are designed for residents to walk to their many activities, which aids their ongoing mobility.

The Consequences of Immobility

Mobility is the best guarantor of your independence. When compromised, people are forced to become dependent on others, and that is more likely to lead to emotional depression and social isolation. Unfortunately, mobility challenges are common enough, with approximately 17 percent of seniors age 65 or older being unable to walk a quarter of a mile, and another 28 percent finding this same effort difficult.

The key is to keep moving and not slip into a sedentary lifestyle, which may become easier post-retirement, when there are fewer reasons to keep moving. As long as you keep moving, you are more likely to maintain and extend your mobility later into life. It is never too late to start, and even more important than exercise, is regular activity.

That is one of the best reasons to check out early retirement communities for the next chapter in your life. They are designed to help residents stay active, and that activity helps ensure long-term mobility and independence.


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