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How to Design Your New Home Office

August 19, 2021

In a brand new McKee living space, you don’t just work from home… you work in style. Our floor plans feature dens, lofts, sitting rooms, sunrooms, and finished lower levels that make comfortable and spacious offices, allowing you to be your most productive self (and feel great while you’re at it). 

Ready to set up shop? “Home office” will become “home getaway” in a room designed just the way you like it. Below are a few of our favorite tips to inspire your best work in your home office.

Home Office Tips

Standing Desk: Even if you don’t have an official standing desk, you can still reap the benefits of standing more while you work. Place your computer on an elevated surface that you can access from where you stand, and try some “standing exercises,” including hamstring curls and desk pushups, or simply move your body however you like.

Soothing Colors: Just like scents, certain colors affect how you feel. Orange and yellow hues typically stimulate energy or excitement, whereas greens and blues might evoke calmness. If there’s a color that makes you feel your best, integrate it into your space through accessories and flowers (or even by painting the walls)!

Warm Lighting: Forget the discomforts of harsh lighting. Whether you prefer a soothing, subtle glow of a desk lamp, a bright, energizing floor lamp, or simply natural sunlight, the aesthetic of your home office is entirely up to you.

Stylish Storage: It’s easy to let your workspace pile up, but utilizing functional storage options that you actually enjoy looking at will help you keep everything in order. From your desk to shelves to baskets to filing cabinets, there are so many trendy and useful options for your personal work needs.

Personal Decor: What would any office be without a little personalization? From bookshelves and plants to wall art and everything in between, don’t be afraid to insert a little personality in your home office. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time here, and you should feel as cozy (and inspired) as can be.

Calming Scents: Pleasant scents have the incredible power to positively impact your mood. Whether you opt for candles, a diffuser, a fragrancer, fresh flowers, etc., incorporating an aroma that you love into your space will have you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the work day. 

At McKee Builders, we’re excited to say that you just got promoted to your dream office. (You deserve it.) For more information about our beautiful homes and communities throughout Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, give us a call at 610-549-4208 or schedule your tour today.

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