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How to Decorate Your Powder Room

June 7, 2019

At McKee Builders, we believe that some of the best decorating can happen even in the smaller spaces of your home, like the powder room … Although this room may be smaller than the rest, it can be just as comfortable, functional, and luxurious as any other space with the right decor.

This season, show your powder room the love it deserves and watches it spring to life — you won’t believe how far a few simple touch-ups can go in making this room as lovely as can be. Whether during a dinner party with guests or an everyday evening, your powder room is a staple that provides the cozy warmth everyone loves. Take a look at a few of our favorite ways to make this room entirely your own:


Since this room is smaller, you have more freedom to experiment with unique patterns and styles. Inspiration: Don’t be afraid to mix it up… use fun contrasting patterns for your floor and your wall!

Something Blue:

A dark color like navy is both bold and elegant and makes your room pop with style.

Inspiration: Navy walls paired with gorgeous gold accents are absolutely to-die-for.

Mirror, Mirror:

When you or a guest looks into your powder room’s mirror, make the experience memorable…

Inspiration: Opt for a unique mirror to hang above your sink that varies in typical shape, color, and size.

Gray Greatness:

Gray skies may look dreary, but a gray powder room is all about understated elegance.

Inspiration: One half painted gray and the other half tiled with marble, this wall looks beautiful against a bright white sink.

Flower Power:

Who says that wallpaper’s out? Spring is all about florals, so let your powder room blossom!

Inspiration: Bright, bold flower wallpaper makes a statement, especially when paired with brass accents.

Picture Perfect:

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then how about a gorgeous gallery on your wall…

Inspiration: Incorporate a sleek “hotel look” into your powder room with a stylish wall gallery designed by you.

Go Euro:

If you love minimalist European style, you have all the room you need to add it to your powder room.

Inspiration: A marble basin on a shelf plus a pedestal side table for soaps is incredibly chic.

Rustic Beauty:

There’s something unbelievably cozy about a small room with a rustic vibe written all over it.

Inspiration: Achieve a “farmhouse charm” with rustic paneling, warm brown paint, and a stone floor.

From your spacious master bathroom to your gorgeous, signature McKee Builders kitchen, every room in your contemporary and comfortable home is designed for both luxury and livability. Of course, your powder room is no exception… When decorated right, your powder room can make a big impact when it’s styled with your personality. We can’t wait to see what you come up with for your powder room! From all of us here, happy decorating!

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