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Featured Homeowner: Meet Ginny!

June 3, 2019

In Champions’ Club in Magnolia, DE, where the taxes are low, the people are friendly, and your favorite things are right at your fingertips, you’re always on top of the world. Life here is all about getting to do everything you love without any of the restrictions — because it’s finally time to enjoy your time.

A true reflection of the happy, vibrant energy that surrounds Champions’ Club, Ginny McClean is one of our most loyal and passionate fans! In fact, Ginny has “recruited” multiple people to move here (in 5 new homes to be exact) because of all the happiness, good friends, and great experiences she’s found here.

Our McKee Builders team sat down with Ginny to ask her about her love of Champions’ Club and what she wants potential homeowners to know about this magical place! Here’s Ginny’s take on what it’s really like to live here and what Champions’ Club and her new neighbors mean to her:

How did you find out about Champions’ Club?

While attending an Ideal Living event on Long Island with friends (they also are building a home in Champion’ Club)we were invited to tour a 55+ community in Delaware. During a wine and cheese event at the community, I discovered that several attendees were talking about another builder.

There was a community that these attendees seemed to be quite interested in. They kept mentioning Champion’s Club, so I finally looked it up and the four of us decided to stay for a night as a guest of McKee. I hadn’t even gotten past the high school while driving into the development when a sudden sense of calm washed over me… I immediately knew that this place was special.

My decision couldn’t have been easier. I walked in, took a look at the models, viewed the floor plans, picked a homesite, and the rest was history. It was almost as if the stars had aligned and I was in the perfect place at the perfect time — it couldn’t have been more clear that something was so right for my life. Because I love absolutely every minute of living here, I was able to encourage my friends, and now my brother and sister-in-law to purchase homes, too!

What is it that you love about the Champions’ Club so much?

Where do I begin? Coming from New York, there’s a huge difference in taxes, lifestyle, sense of peace, etc. Life out here is calm, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. There’s just as much excitement and liveliness as there are peace and quiet, which is the absolute perfect mix.

Everyone is genuinely friendly — from someone walking down the street to a mail carrier delivering mail, everyone waves to you here. It’s incredible just to be around people who not only recognize you but want to know how your day is going. This warm and homey feel is everywhere here and it makes every day so nice. One of my favorite moments was the day I moved in, and neighbors came over with dinner and flowers!

Of course, the activities and amenities here are unmatched. There’s always something to explore and someone to hang out with. From the pool to the fitness center to the clubhouse, there’s nothing you can’t do here. Even outside the community in Dover, you feel welcomed and right at home wherever you go.

Why did you choose the Dalton floorplan?

Oh, this is easy. I always loved the idea of a walk-in pantry, a butler’s pantry as well as a screened porch and a patio. Those were three home elements that I’ve dreamed of enjoying for many years. There’s definitely an open and airy feel to this home, and I love the way that the light comes in, especially through the large kitchen windows.

With three kids coming to visit from New York, I knew I’d need all the room possible to truly be a comfortable day in and day out. Without missing a beat, McKee Builders catered to my specific needs and extended the home. Now, we’re more than comfortable here — we’ve never felt better. The upstairs loft, in particular, is wonderful; it fits my husband’s pool table (which we couldn’t live without)!

With two bedrooms upstairs as well as a study downstairs, everyone has all the room they need. My sister’s visiting this Fourth of July… I’m certainly looking forward to showing her around the models! What’s one more referral to add to the list? It’s so easy to sell something you love! I couldn’t love living here more.

All of us at McKee Builders want to thank Ginny for bringing such positivity and light to Champions’ Club and making it an even brighter place to be! We love having homeowners like her in Champions’ Club and we can’t wait for potential neighbors to see how beautiful life is here.

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