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Featured Employee: Meet John!

August 27, 2020

At McKee Builders, we’re thankful for our talented, hardworking, and kind team members who come together to create houses that become homes. Today, we’re especially excited to introduce you to John Kildea, our incredible project manager who goes above and beyond to manage the construction of our homes, and keep every homeowner feeling at ease, informed, and confident throughout their process.

But don’t just take our word for it. A recent Champions’ Club homeowner can attest to John’s character: “I have found the degree of professionalism in the building of our home quite refreshing. I would also like to give credit to John Kildea for the professional way he returned my calls, and explained the process about anything I had in question. ALL my calls were returned post-haste, in a manner given by someone that knows his trade.” 

Everyone who has ever interacted with John knows that he doesn’t just embody industry knowledge and professionalism, but genuine compassion and customer care. In his own words, here’s a little bit about John’s background, what he loves about his role, and what he enjoys outside of work!

Tell us about your past work experience.

Before my homebuilding career, I spent eight years in the Marine Corps serving two tours in Iraq — five years active duty, with three years in the reserves, which allowed me the time to start college. After exiting the Marine Corps, I went to Penn State to get a marketing and management degree which led to an internship at Cornell Homes, a small, family-operated builder.

At Cornell Homes, I built over 500 houses as a project manager, which eventually became Lennar. Also, I worked with Rockwell Development to help build three communities in PA. Before McKee, I worked at Toll Brothers and built just over 80 semi-custom luxury houses.

What are you most excited most about at McKee Builders?

I’m excited to use my experiences as a builder to excel in the family-focused environment of McKee. I know McKee has an excellent reputation with its homeowners, so the strong relationships are what I look forward to experiencing most! 

What are some things you love about your role at the company?

I love managing the construction of homes for McKee and McKee’s homeowners. The group is very supportive and makes the job rewarding. I love how we always put the customer first. It makes for a gratifying day-to-day experience.  

What are some of your interests or hobbies?

Anything real estate is of interest to me! But when I’m not building homes, I’m being a father of two boys along with my wife, Amanda. My oldest is getting ready for his SATs so we have a lot to focus on in the near future.

Anything else we should know about you?

Slowly but surely I’m finishing my master’s degree at Drexel University in real estate development. One class left and I’m looking to complete it by the end of spring quarter. 

All of us at McKee Builders want to thank John for everything he does! We’re grateful to have him and we know he’ll continue to do incredible things for our team and our homeowners. For more information about our homes and communities through MD, DE, and PA, please contact us at 215-791-6948. We can’t wait to get started!

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