Featured Amenity: Dog Parks for Our Furry Friends
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Featured Amenity: Dog Parks for Our Furry Friends

March 10, 2023

When you take annoying chores out of your day and replace them with the things that make you happy, life is so much sweeter! Lucky for you, McKee Builders offers low maintenance living in our communities, so every day is wide open for you to do less and enjoy more.

Just think about all the extra time you’ll have since you don’t have chores anymore. Time you can spend enjoying your neighborhood and its amenities. Such as the pool or clubhouse or DOG PARK! (Sorry… Remy and Birdie got a little excited!) 

In all honesty, as dog lovers, we know that the dog parks are a game changer! They are well maintained and beautiful, and are a great way to bring neighbors and friends (furry or otherwise) together. (Remy and Birdie wanted me to mention that socialization is just as important for your animal companions as it is for us humans.)  

Indeed, here at McKee Builders, we believe in equal care and attention for you and your animal companions. After all, we all need a place to have fun and relax – whether that means playing bocce ball or fetch! (Remy is partial to fetch, btw. He’ll play forevvvvver.) 

However you choose to spend your carefree days in your McKee home and community, the time you spend with family and furry friends is priceless! Interested in learning more about a carefree lifestyle? Just get in touch with Ed

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