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Bay Bridge Cove: Homeowner Testimonial

January 28, 2022

We often receive quick emails or words-in-passing from our homeowners thanking us for their beautiful new home or close-knit community. Every now and then, though, we receive a heartfelt letter that perfectly captures our reason for creating McKee Builders in the first place. We strive to create spaces and neighborhoods that are life-enhancing, and when a homeowner tells us exactly how that has happened, it warms all of our hearts. 

Here is such a letter that we received recently from Amy, who lives in Bay Bridge Cove on Kent Island. This is such a special community because of its location and surroundings, and it’s made even more so by Amy and all the neighbors that have become such good friends. 

December 14, 2021

To: Frank McKee

Re: Bay Bridge Cove (AKA: luxury Resort, Summer camp for adults, neighbors helping neighbors, etc.!)

At this time of year, which also marks my first year here, I want to tell you what you may or may not know about this neighborhood you built. This is not just a neighborhood. You have given all of us a beautiful community to share. 

First and foremost, I could not be happier with my choice to live here. The day I met with Jana and then Peyton, I knew this was the right place for me.  If you knew me as many of my friends do, the spec house was the perfect choice just for me that Kathy found! If I had to make too many decisions, I know I would have floundered.  

I met my new neighbor, Jackie, the day I signed and we are now called Wacky Jackie and Zany Amy.  Anything that happens here, it would be a safe bet that the two of us were involved. Just ask Rob!

As for the construction, I have never seen such dedication to detail.  From watching new construction to how the Bay Bridge Cove employees and contractors work and relate to the people here is phenomenal. Everyone knows and respects Jeff, Rob, Melvin, Ed and Steve. All of them are so responsive to anything we need. Sam (even while she was juggling all the calls and contractors) was always very pleasant and you could count on her follow-through 100%.

We also love stopping by the office for a quick visit with Kathy, Jana and Peyton. And you can bet if the ambassador, Jackie, is there I’ll stop by and as many others do, too! They will be sorely missed when [the community sells out and] the office is closed!

The attention to detail that you offered as a standard is just so lovely. From the cove molding to the wainscoting, the angles of the high ceilings, the window frames and sills… I could go on and on. Just gorgeous! Each lot has something wonderful to offer. From the pond homes to ones like mine in the woods, the whole community is spectacular.

Now, for the community part, you have no idea the gift you have given all of us! It is a younger 55+, but these people will show up for each other! The stories we tell and hear are heart- warming. Of all the antics you don’t know, a favorite is my setting off the smoke detectors and having every neighbor out there. Of course, the next day those who didn’t know knew it had to be me! 

We all love the clubhouse, the pool, the fitness rooms, the dog park (which is a social event in itself), the herb garden, and on top of that your gift of the vegetable garden… we have it all. 

Most of us love the cocktail parties, the food trucks, the holiday events and the “made up” reasons for a party! I know McKee doesn’t organize these but it is the community that you created with the spaces to do it in! We just carried it through!

With much appreciation for you, your office staff, and for creating this Shangri-la… 




To learn more about living in idyllic Bay Bridge Cove, and for more information on the limited homesites remaining, please contact us

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