A Love Story at Bay Bridge Cove on Kent Island
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A Love Story at Bay Bridge Cove on Kent Island

February 4, 2022

We always say that when you move into a McKee Builders community, you get much more than just a gorgeous new home. You get built-in friendship, as neighbors always welcome one another with warm smiles and big hearts. Little did we (or anyone!) know, one of these special friendships would blossom into love. 

Read the story of Richard and Jackie, two homeowners in Bay Bridge Cove on Kent Island, who not only found the perfect community and homes, but something much more important.

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“Jackie and I moved into Bay Bridge Cove at about the same time in November and December 2017. We both had lost our spouses before moving to the community. We were both aware of each other in the beginning as neighbors began to meet each other as they moved in. 

We ran to each other at social events sponsored by McKee Builders and the community social committee, and we would talk. She was active in the Clubhouse Committee, and I was involved in the Property Committee, so we’ll see each other at these events. 

Finally, after two years, I got up the courage to ask her to go to dinner. We found out that we had so much in common as both our spouses had died from lung cancer. She was a registered nurse; my wife Ann was a registered nurse. Her husband Tony was in construction; I was in building and facilities. We liked the same food, I used the same soap as Tony, and we had the same political views. 

All these things that we had in common brought the friendship closer and into Love. She started to come to my grandchildren’s soccer events. Over Thanksgiving and Christmas, our Love continued to grow. Almost every day for those two years, she would come over to my house for dinner. We watched TV, played cards, and then I would walk her home around 9 o’clock. 

Being somewhat old-fashioned, we didn’t want to live together, and we were enjoying going to events at the clubhouse and to dinner as a couple. When I asked her what she thought about getting married, she said, “Well, ask me.” So I made the reservations at a nice restaurant and asked her, and she said, “Yes.” 

It’s wonderful to have somebody to share my life with whom I feel so comfortable. Thank you, McKee Builders, for bringing us together in a wonderful community and home.” 

– Richard 

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