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A Day in the Life of a Champions’ Club Homeowner

December 31, 2018

Maintenance-free living, wintertime holiday parties, and daily happy hours… Are the rumors true? Yes, life in Champions’ Club is an absolute dream! When you live in this homey haven in beautiful Magnolia, Delaware, there are so many reasons to fall in love with your everyday life!

From the low-tax, easy-living experience of Delaware, to the endless social events and activities waiting outside your door, every morning you wake up in Champions’ Club is a chance to live wide open and happier than ever. At McKee Builders, our biggest passion is making your life extraordinary — and there’s no place that embodies an extraordinary lifestyle quite like Champions’ Club.

But what is daily life really like in this one-of-kind 55+ community? We decided that instead of telling you ourselves, we’d turn to the best people for the job… the homeowners! We asked a few happy homeowners what makes this place so special day in and day out, and we can’t wait to share it all with you.


After a leisurely morning of enjoying breakfast while reading the paper, Allen’s day is completely open. He plays billiards in the clubhouse 2-3 days a week, reads a lot, and travels far and wide with his wife. In fact, they spend countless hours planning and writing itineraries for their exciting trips! In Champions’ Club, we take care of the upkeep of every home, so you can leave as carefree as can be knowing that it’ll be just as you left it when you return!

Allen also loves to cook outside in the open and enjoy delicious meals with friends. He makes awesome food on the grill about 6 nights a week, but never before cocktails at 5 p.m.!

Not to mention, our neighbors at Champions’ Club also have the chance to start any kind of club or activity they want. Allen’s wife, Barbara, organized a “cookie exchange,” and is also the chairman of the outreach committee. Both Allen and Barbara absolutely love the freedom that they have to spread their wings and enjoy the sweetest moments.


A full-time artist, Sheila loves to go to the fitness center for a few hours when she returns home from work. After getting a good workout in, Sheila works on her art without a worry about unnecessary obligations in this no-maintenance community: “I can just live,” she says. “I kinda earned it!” Pieces of Sheila’s artwork is hanging in our team members’ homes as well as in our guest house for future homeowners to enjoy! Follow her on Instagram at @exum_art to really be amazed!

While searching for the perfect place to call home, Sheila fell upon Magnolia and spent years researching it before finding the perfect community to call home. Along with the warm and friendly space of Champions’ Club, Sheila also decided to move here because of our Sales Agent, Ginger. “She was just so upfront and honest throughout the whole process!”


But the relaxation and leisure doesn’t stop there. Every day, Bernie walks for about 45 minutes around the neighborhood on our pristine sidewalks — and best of all, he stops about half a dozen times to talk to people. When you’re here, you’re a part of a family that loves to live just like you do. There’s never a shortage of fun to be had and people to enjoy your time with!

It’s no surprise that several different homeowners we talked to described the pace of Delaware as “slower” and peaceful. Here, no one’s in a rush, so you have every opportunity to revel in the little things that make life so magical at this point in your journey. From picking up a brand new hobby to gathering with everyone at the pool in the summer, the moments you spend here are all about your happiness.

With a low cost of living, financial worries are finally a thing of the past, and you can focus all of your energy on the things you really love. Whether you want to participate in a bocce tournament, plant your own vegetables, join a bowling league, take a dance class, or simply read in the library, Champions’ Club is full of everything you’ve ever wanted, and the people you’ve always wanted to be with. One homeowner said it best: “When we moved in we were neighbors, then we became friends, now we’re one big family.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Your best life is out there and it’s waiting for you in Champions’ Club! We can’t wait to speak with you and tell you more about how this one-of-a-kind place will make your days remarkable. For more information on our gorgeous homes in Magnolia, please visit our website or give us a call at 302-877-9780. Here’s to 2019!


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