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Satisfaction in Retirement: Great Activities to Pursue

Satisfaction in Retirement: Great Activities to Pursue

Most retirees will not enjoy doing nothing for long. Especially after a lifetime of work, it is very hard to give up that drive, sense of purpose and schedule, and replace it with the rudimentary goal of relaxation.

That is not to say, this is a bad idea. Far from it. When you retire, you should try to give up your hectic pace of life and slow down. Your body and mind need this pause in order to shake off the relentless stress of pre-retirement daily life. You need the pause to forget your calendar, commute, bosses, colleagues, clients, and customers. You will never set a new pace of life in retirement without leaving your former pace behind.

Most people can easily take a few months of total relaxation, which allows them to do things that they’ve always wanted to do: exercise, reading, hiking, binge, TV watching, visiting family and friends, and traveling. All of this is pretty is easy to take when it is new and highly enjoyable.

After some time, though, whether a few months or a few years, you may begin to wonder how you are going to fill your time. You may also begin to crave that sense of purpose which came with work and stress.

Moreover, your brain may be craving the stimulation that was created by engaging with people at work, as well as the intellectual energy necessary for success. A lack of mental stimulation can become a serious problem and undermine the joy of your retirement.

What are your options? Many! Consider embarking on such new activities:

    · Volunteer: This is a great way to create meaningful and fulfilling purpose. There are lots of organizations and institutions that need dedicated volunteers, often to provide support, companionship, and mentorship to other people. Also, by choosing volunteer activities connected to issues that interest you, you give yourself the opportunity to re-engage intellectually by learning more about them.

    · Clubs and Activities: There are no shortage of clubs to join and classes to take at local universities. It should be easy to fill up your time with book and movie clubs, and with art history and sociology classes. But be careful not to binge and burn yourself out too quickly. You will want to enjoy these opportunities in long-term, as well as the short-term.

    · Work: It is no secret that retirees are going back to work. The desire for additional income is an important reason. But others are the need for a renewed sense of purpose, new opportunities to meet people, and new experiences. Some people will do some variation of what they did previously, but as consultants, while others will look to do something completely different, based on a hobby or new interest. Many people may just be satisfied with part-time employment, at home or in an office, which provides enough stimulation while also preserving their flexibility.

A valuable asset of 55 and older communities in Delaware is that they offer access to these different opportunities, given their proximity to a vital business and urban center in Wilmington, as well as to many other local and regional communities. As you consider your retirement, consider the whole scope of your future life and check out what Delaware can offer you.


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