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Why Choose an Active Retirement Community?

Why Choose an Active Retirement Community?

While the idea of moving into an active retirement community may seem daunting, here are good reasons to consider the move.

1. Like-Minded Peers

Close ties and access to family and old friends are important. But once you retire, you need peers who are going to share the same interests, passions, and activities.

Today, retirees typically enjoy better health and live longer than ever before. A community of like-minded people who are roughly the same age as you is likely to be more comfortable and more stimulating. You will not only lead a more interesting life, but you may also extend your lifespan.

Some people worry that a retirement community will not allow children or grandchildren. But the idea that such communities are filled with children-hating old people is a myth. Many communities allow grandchildren to reside on location for up to several weeks, and nearly all communities have facilities (such as pools) that are open to younger family members.

2. Well-designed Living

Active adult communities are usually planned with seniors in mind, as our retirement communities in Delaware are. Many are single-level homes which tend to feature all the amenities on one floor—so no climbing stairs. They also tend to feature accessible bathtubs and ADA-compliant door handles, which become more important with advancing age.

The homes in such communities can also be less expensive, and not only due to market conditions. Since they only need to accommodate two people (plus occasional guests), retirement homes tend to be smaller than the typical family homes. Trading out a home with too many rooms for one with the proper amount of space may also deliver important savings too.

And keep in mind that most retirement communities are completely or nearly maintenance-free for home owners, which is both a time and money saver.

3. Active Living Made Easy

In active retirement communities, it is often the recreational facilities and programs that set them apart. Typical retirement communities offer swimming pools, tennis courts, and even a golf course (or two!). They may also offer fitness facilities, as well as exercise-related classes, ranging from aerobics to yoga to dance.

In addition, they may also provide entertainment amenities, like movie theaters or art studios. Frequently, they feature an activities’ director who plans dances, excursions, educational programs, and many other opportunities to keep residents as busy as they want to be.

For these reasons and many others, you may want to explore the advantages of moving into an active retirement community.


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